Embedded Systems from worx – Made for Special Applications

Our contracting entities are mostly highly specialized and highly competent in their corresponding field of expertise. For the development of electronics, especially embedded systems, they trust in our competence and experience. The combination of in-depth industrial know-how on the part of our customers and our long-term experience at worx has in the past resulted in products that are unique and unrivaled in their market niche.

Everything from One Single Source: Mastering Challenges with worx

We intensely communicate with our contracting entities in order to accurately understand the challenges. Subsequently, we use our expertise and find individual solutions. Our slim and proved processes meet all requirements of prevalent certifications. With this, we can offer a comprehensive service over the entire life cycle of our products. With a strong network of regional suppliers and service providers behind us and the in-house final assembly and inspection of our products we can ensure a long-term, constant product quality.

UCM – Versatile in Its Use

Universal Control Module: This functional module to build up an explosion protection control system has a modular structure and can be implemented in a network. Therefore, its application is versatile – in low-cost small systems as well as in large complex plants.

The module evaluates the signals from up to three sensor 4000 times per second and controls up to 10 extinguishers. Via an integrated bus system up to 10 UCMs can communicate with each other.

The module can be configured easily, optionally per display and keys, or by means of a configuration program. Furthermore, all relevant actions, such as changes of state, alarms and error messages are stored in an event log.

The UCM meets the Safety Integrity Level SIL2 regarding the functional safety according to IEC 61508.


FAB4 – Process-Oriented Evaluation

This sensor signal processor for explosion detection evaluates the signals of up to two sensor pairs in a process-oriented way and forwards the signal to a control system.

The FAB4 is suitable for the application in the Ex zones 2, 21 und 22. An integrated safety barrier enables the connection of intrinsically safe sensors as far as into the zones 0 und 20 (Standards: IEC 60079-11, IEC 60079-15, IEC 60079-31).

The FAB4 meets the Safety Integrity Level SIL2 regarding the functional safety according to IEC 61508.


Image Station – The Test Method of Choice

The packaging into aluminum capsules fulfils the highest requirements of the preservation of food and luxury food. During manufacturing of the capsules, material defects and production faults can result in unacceptable leaks. Therefore, the capsules must be checked for hundred percent tightness before they are filled. Because of the high quantity and the resulting test cadence an optical test is the method of choice.

The image processing stations from worx are highly optimized for the use directly on the production machine. An integrated real time controller, the Real Time Manager, takes over the flash and camera control as well as the discharge of rejected parts. Up to 4 cameras with Gb-Ethernet interface may be connected. Owing to the passively cooled low power design, twelve stations can be used directly in the process in a closely lined up arrangement.

Capsule – Pressed Perfectly?

The PC application was designed for the quality control of aluminum capsules.
For this purpose, the capsules are checked for various parameters directly after the pressing procedure, and in case of an error they are discharged immediately and sent to recycling.

One of the most common failures are material folds during the pressing of the capsule. These so-called Fauxplis can be recognized as characteristic, but at the same time highly variable disruption in the surface structure. The detection takes place by means of a deep learning algorithm. Only in this way it is possible to recognize the different appearances of the failures, which depend on the material.

Additionally, the capsule is checked for fissures and holes. If necessary, also the position of the print is measured with an accuracy of better than 0.05 mm. The architecture of the software is optimized for modern multicore processors.