Embedded Systems from worx: Efficiently in Operation for a Long Time

We guarantee our customers a reliable supply of products developed by worx.
In order to keep this promise we founded the worx systems AG in 2012 in addition to the worx engineering GmbH. The worx systems AG is mainly responsible for final assembly and inspection of our products.

We exclusively deliver products that have undergone our final inspection. We take this final inspection very serious, whereas we do not consider random samples as sufficient. Also for the pre-products that we use in our products, we pay close attention to origin and quality. For that reason, we source printed circuit board assemblies, mechanical components and other parts preferably from local small to middle sized business partners, whom we know personally. With those we maintain long-term business relationships.

Test Equipment Design at worx

For all worx products there are detailed test specifications. All our products are tested to the full extent after production. With the help of the specific test equipment that we have developed in-house, the inspection is completely automated in most cases. All test results are stored in a database. We can retrieve them as a test report at any time. By request, we can pass the test reports on to our customers electronically.

As early as in the design process of our products we consider the testability during serial production. This can be shown in the following example: Merely thanks to a special design of our in-house produced Ex safety barriers it is possible to perform a hundred percent inspection of all components when the product is in a fully assembled state. This is normally not possible anymore because of the mandatory redundance.

worx – Certified Quality

worx systems is certified according to ISO 9001. This is a standard that is globally recognized. It defines the requirements for an effective quality management in an enterprise. The certification proves that all business processes run in an orderly manner and are documented.

In addition to this, we have had various products certified according to specific technical standards, depending on the product‘s scope of application and the corresponding customer requirements. This includes products that are used in potentially explosive areas and/or to protect people and material. The quality management system is periodically scrutinized with audits by a notified body or customer audits.