Everything under Control with Embedded Systems from worx

The safety and quality checks are essential in complex industrial applications. As experts for safety-related systems for explosion protection and quality control we consider the testability of our products already in the development phase and when preparing product concepts and designs.

worx for Functional Safety

In case of a failure, critical electronical devices can result in damage to material or to the environment, in personal injuries or even death to people. In order to prevent severe failures, such a device must fulfill high requirements: It is important to avoid both systematic and random errors. For the industrial sector, these requirements are defined in the standard IEC 61508. They refer to the entire product life cycle, in particular to the development phase of the hardware and software.

Random error

With the hardware it is important above all to eliminate random errors during operation. These errors can occur, among other things, as a result of aged components or external factors as EMC or environmental influence. The risk of damage caused by random errors can be significantly reduced by design: Often a combination of redundance and self-diagnosis makes sense.

Systematic errors

Software errors are always of systematic origin. In order to minimize these errors, the development process is divided in different phases: For example system requirements, architecture and coding. Each phase starts with the definition of the requirements and a verification before completion.
To achieve a sound balance between effort and requirements, especially for small to medium software projects, worx has developed its own process model, which has been successfully certified several times.

Image Processing from worx

Image processing systems are well suitable for quality checks in fast industrial processes.

The advantages:

  • Image processing systems check in real time.
  • They function contactless.
  • They require low maintenance.
  • They operate virtually free of wear.

Critical check function directly in the process

Together with our partners we have developed a highly-specialized hardware and software in order to be able to perform critical check functions directly in the process. The image processing stations developed in our company consist of a single board computer and a real time control system developed by ourselves, the Real Time Manager. The application software running on the station includes efficient image processing functions, partly from commercial libraries, such as the deep learning algorithm and partly self-developed functions, such as the tolerant color recognition. More than 1000 image processing systems are reliably in operation around the clock.