Embedded Systems from worx – Facts and Functions

We take care of our embedded systems from the specification, to the development and certification down to long-term production and product care. This means that we support our customers during the entire product life cycle.

Embedded systems for surveillance, monitoring and control

Embedded systems are computer-based electronic systems. In almost each case they have a hardware and a software component. Integrated in technical systems, as for example an industrial production plant, they take over monitoring or regulating functions.

The systems from worx prove themselves above all …

  • As safety-related systems for explosion protection:
    With processes that pose a danger of explosion, the industry utilizes special sensors, extinguishers and valves. Our systems take over the evaluation of the sensor signals as well as the control of the extinguishers and valves.
  • For the quality control of aluminum capsules:
    Aluminum capsules allow for the best possible, air-tight packaging of food products. Most prominent example: Coffee capsules. In order to preserve the flavoring substance, the capsule must be completely tight. This is achieved with the quality control using image processing stations and software from worx.


worx image processing checks more than a million aluminum capsules per hour.


Most products from worx are in operation around the clock on seven days in a week.


Products from worx are in use on all continents – except the Antarctic.


In average at least 500 years pass by before a safety-certified product from worx fails.

Our Knowledge

In complex industrial applications safety and quality checks take an important part. As experts for safety-related systems for explosion protection and quality control we consider the testability of our products already in the development phase and when preparing product concepts and designs.

Our Production

To our customers we guarantee a reliable supply of the products we have developed. We do not deliver any product that has not passed our final quality control. We take this final inspection very serious, whereas we do not consider random samples as sufficient. For the electronical and mechanical components, or other pre-products built in our products, we also pay close attention to origin and quality.